Winters Workout Myths

by | Dec 13, 2018

Staying healthy this winters isn’t just about avoiding sickness. Running and exercising in cold weather is a double stressor for the body causing a greater increase in nor-epinephrine and cortisol. This translates into immune-depression and decreased ability to fight infection. As long as you are in good health, you have appropriate gear and the temperature hasn’t dropped to a dangerous zone, there’s no reason to let these common cold- weather myths serve as excuses to skip winter workouts.

To help you separate the truth from myth this fall season, we have uncovered the truth about some of the most common cold weather workout myths.

Myth 1: You should not workout in the cold

This really depends on how cold, but for the most part this myth is false. Almost everyone can work out safely during cold weather unless suffering from asthma or any disease. Going for a run or doing another form of exercise outside in the cold weather is actually perfectly safe. Simply being outside can be a mood booster. Take precautions against bad winter weather.

Myth 2: Need extra time to sleep during winter

This is totally false! When the days start to become shorter and we find ourselves waking up to a dark, it can feel as though no amount of sleep is enough. However, just because you may feel more tired than normal does not mean that you should let yourself sleep in and abandon your morning workout. In fact, getting up and exercising will actually help to wake up your mind and body, while sleeping the morning away can actually make you feel more tired throughout the day.

Myth 3: Allergies don’t exist during winters

If you thought the cold killed all the allergies, you will be shocked to learn that allergies might be the real source behind your stuffy nose and scratchy throat this season. People suffer from indoor allergies, and the indoor variety can actually be worse in the winter. It’s because pets spend much time indoors and closed windows seal in poor air quality.

Myth 4: Cold weather causes joint pain

Your joints are more stiff or painful in the cold. Some studies believe that the culprit isn’t the outdoor temperature, but the barometric pressure in the air. As the pressure drops, the body’s tissues expand, which can press against the joints and cause discomfort.

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