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Below is a weekly training program, with progression advice, that combines both aerobics and weight training. . A combination of aerobic exercise and strength training — as for healthy people — is likely to be the ideal combination of physical activity for diabetics but it should be followed under supervision for safety and best results.

Day 1. Aerobic exercise.

Walk, jog, treadmill or outdoors for 30 minutes at moderate intensity. Moderate intensity means in the range 50% to 70% of maximum heart rate or at a pace at which you can still talk easily enough or recite a poem for example. Swimming and cycling are fine for aerobic conditioning, but you don’t get the advantage of bone building that you do with impact exercise. , step and pump group aerobics classes are excellent.

The following can be a good schedule.

Spot walking —3 minutes.

Free hand exercises —3 minutes.

Aerobics with music for upper body movements 5 minutes.

Tread mill…. 5 minutes with heart rate of 110 -130 beats per minutes.

Cycling  … 5 minutes with heart rate of 110-130 beats per minutes.

Stretching or Yoga for 10 Minutes.

Day 2.  Weight training.

You can do this at a gym or you can do most of the exercises at home with a home gym or even a set of dumbbells. The individual exercises are not that critical, but you need to work all of the major muscle groups including the upper and lower legs, arms, shoulders, back, chest, abdominal and buttocks. The reason for this is that the more muscle you exercise and build, the more depots for glucose disposal and storage you create. Do 8 to 10 exercises including 3 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions in each set.

Adjust the load so that you can get through a complete set and that the final repetition, say number 10-15, is getting a little harder to do. At the end of the third set of any exercise you should be working somewhat hard. Rest for two to five minutes before the next exercise. When you’re starting out, it is important not to overdo things.

Do fewer sets or repetitions and use less weight but do all exercises and progress to higher volumes and intensity. However, strength and muscle training needs to stress the muscles appropriately. Lifting light dumbbells for 20 repetitions, although not useless, is not what’s required here. Take it easy, but not too easy

Basic exercise Plan can be

Spot walking 2-3 minutes.

Free hand warm ups with stretching

Calves raise 2 sets x 20 reps

Squats 3 sets [initially with your own body weight and gradually start using some weight x 15-20 reps]

Pushups 3 sets x 15-20 reps   [After few weeks shift on to bench presses]

Hanging from a bar for 3x 30 -45 seconds of in GYM lats pull down 3 sets of x 15 reps.

Front press 2 sets x 15 reps

Barbell curls 2 sets x 15 reps

Stretching or Yoga for 10mts.

Day 3. Aerobic training as for day 1.

Day 4. Weight training as for day 2.

Day 5. Aerobic training as for day 1.

Day 6. Weight training as for day 2.

Day 7. Rest

Though there is lot more exercise any diabetics can do in the gym. But in the beginning stage one should be selective to choose those weight training exercise which one like the most and enjoy the movement. Slowly add more exercise. But make sure it is not the more number of exercises but it is the quality and intensity of training rather than the quantity of exercise.

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