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As the temperatures rise, you might be wondering how the heat and humidity can affect your workouts. While we have all heard plenty of myths related to working out in the scorching sun, separates the myths from the facts. Read on to make sure you are getting the most out of your workouts, and staying safe in the heat.

You Burn More Calories During Hot-Weather Workouts?

True-Working out in hot temperature burns more fat — and calories — because your body has to work harder to cool itself. Your body releases heat through sweat, which comes from blood pumped to your skin. The hotter your body gets, the more blood your heart needs to pump to expel that heat. Thus your heart works harder in hotter temperatures than it would in cooler temperatures, providing an increased calorie and fat burn.

You need a sports drink after every workout?

True- But only in moderation. When you’re sweating heavily you lose electrolytes which need to be replaced through food or drink. Sports drinks can be a quick way of doing that, but keep in mind that sports drinks are often fairly high in calories.  Make sure you don’t drink down empty calories that you just got rid of with a hard workout.

Humidity does not have an impact on workouts?

False- Actually, in humid weather, the body cannot cool itself as effectively since the air is saturated with moistureand that makes it harder for the sweat to evaporate. This keeps your body temperature elevated and is why it can feel like such a struggle to do even easy workouts in humid conditions.

Human can sweat is three liters per day?

False-This is one of the most common sweat myths! A person in a colder climate can sweat up to a liter per hour. A person in a warmer clime can lose between two to three liters per hour.

Exercising in hot temperatures is a disadvantage?

Heat can actually boost exercise performance. Studies have shown that those who train in hotter temperatures can actually acclimatize to heat better, and also function better in cooler temperatures as well. However, it is important to note that these studies were conducted with elite athletes, so make sure to consult with a physician before trying to conquer the heat.

You Sweat All the Time?

True- You are always releasing moisture from your skin to help regulate body
temperature, although usually not enough to be noticed. And this is taking
place over almost the entire surface area of your body.

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