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by | Dec 23, 2014

Back ache and stiff back or back problem is one of the commonest complaints by the gym goers. This problem is because of the unconditional exertion on certain anti gravity exercise like squat, font press, up right rowing, dead lift, good morning exercise and some other standing exercise which involve lower back exertion.

Following are cautions and pre cautions by which you can continue gym without hearting:-

1.       While doing bench press keep your legs over the bench and do not make bridge by lifting your hips, unwanted stress on the neck by lifting your head while bench press is another caution. By avoiding your neck lift and keeping your legs over the bench during the bench press can relive the unwanted strain on the back.

2.       While doing barbell shoulder press or front press or military press in the standing stance, it gives great pressure over the back muscles,  if you have milled  back problem it’s better to avoid these movement and use the sitting stance on a bench.  You can do seated front dumble press for the good shoulder. If you still have a problem it will be better to use shoulder press machine.

3.       While doing full squat if you feel strained at back then you should follow few tricks to improve the squatting techniques. Like instead of full squat you can do half squat or quarter squat on the bench. Or while full squat if you keep your feet straight and putting full stress quadriceps muscles then you should open up your feet space and point the toes outside so that you use more of the inner side of the thigh rather than the front of the thigh, this why you will be using your outer, front and inner part of the thigh along with the hip muscle.  That will straighten up the back and a relieve the pressure on the back muscle. If you still feel strain at the back it will be better you leave the squat and go for leg presses etc.

4.       Exercises like bend over lateral raises, barbell rowing, T-bar rowing are certain exercises where you need to keep your knees slightly bend to avoid strain at the back.

5.       In the gym while moving around lifting weight and dumble from the racks or the ground do not bend forward to pick them up, rather you should bend yours legs and slightly sit to pick the things up. That way, you will save your back while using your legs more than your back while picking the goods in the gym, home or other work places.

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