Tara Nutricare Pre Workout 250gm

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TNC’s Pre workout is a potent formula based on latest scientific research that provides a combination of L-arginine AKG, L-citrulline, beta alanine, caffeine, taurine, AshwarealTM, Actamide®, essential vitamins (B complex, Vitamin C) and minerals. These components work together synergistically to improve performance and maximise energy levels.

Science behind PRE WORKOUT supplementation:

Caffeine stimulates central nervous system thus raise alertness, mental focus and strength in the gym.

L-arginine and L-citrulline increases NO production and vasodilatation thus provide maximum availability of nutrients to the tissues and production of more energy during workout

Beta-alanine increases muscle levels of carnosine (buffering agent) that delays muscle fatigue and tiredness

Actamide® helps to increase absorption and utilisation of nutrients

Ashwareal™ is a powerful standardised extract of ashwagandha to help increase power and strength

All these physiological processes help you train harder, faster and longer while experiencing stronger muscle power, pumps and strength.

8 reviews for Tara Nutricare Pre Workout 250gm

  1. Debanshu

    Awesome preworkout
    Great energy, muscle pump
    Best supliment

  2. Karanvir Singh

    very bad
    taste terrible

  3. rupesh

    taste is like some medicine but results are satisfactory.

  4. Samarth

    Great very economical
    Mixability ……….good

  5. Ashish

    taste is like some medicine but results are satisfactory…give you an extra boost of energy

  6. Vansh

    overall great product .

  7. jatin

    bilkul fark nhi padha isse use krne se. koi energy nhi no pump. aur iska taste dwai ke jaise.

  8. Aanjay

    Not that intense but this product does its job. Go ahead without a doubt if you are a beginner.

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