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G.H Boost is made of colostrum with highest possible IgG levels and scientifically engineered short chain whey peptides. Colostrum is the first milk like substance produced by the mammary glands of a female cow immediately after the birth of the calf. To the many beneficial components of colostrums, the most important are: Growth factors (Egf, Igf, Tgf-A, Tgf-B), immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, proline rich polypepetides (PRP), cytokines and natural vitamins. Growth factors in G.H Boost have a positive effect on body metabolism, it increases cell recovery activity during exercise and helps obtain mass at a very fast pace. High PRP content in this product acts as the thymus gland and regulates immune system. Immunoglobulins and other immune factors enhance immune system efficiency by preventing and protecting from infections.


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