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Tara Fitness Products True Carbs – 5lbs Popular carbohydrate supplements like waxy maize are not a good choice for absorption of nutrients and quick glycogen loading. This type of carbohydrate is not correctly processed to allow fast absorption. In contrast, True Carbs utilizes a multi-phase “Enzymatic Milling Process” to reach maximal molecular size. This results in an advanced bio-engineered carbohydrate for rapid gastric emptying without typical bloating or cramping and it absorbs quickly. True Carbs absorb 20% faster than glucose and has an extended energy response of 1 hour over glucose. On the other hand, Glucose peaked at 30 minutes but dropped off dramatically, and was gone before 120 minutes. True Carbs peaked at 45 minutes and was active after 120 minutes. This means True Carbs is the better choice for a quick surge of energy and supplies enough extended energy to last an entire workout, bike ride or athletic event.

INGREDIENTS: Malto Dextrin, Milk protein, Sugars, Orange flavor and preservatives.


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