GoNutrition Micellar Casein 85 – 2kg

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GoNutrition Micellar Casein 85 – 2kg

Micellar Casein is the purest form of casein protein available on the market. Produced using a low temperature microfiltration process ensures that the finished casein protein maintains its natural ‘micellar’ structure as it is found in milk. This means that the casein forms a ‘gel’ like substance in the stomach making it ultra slow digesting; the slowest digesting protein available. This supplement is great before bed and at times when the body will be fasted for a number of hours as it drip feeds the muscle with vital amino acids.

How does Micellar Casein differ from Milk Protein?

Milk protein is made up of a mixture of both casein and whey protein fractions in the ration 80:20. This is the ratio that is naturally found in milk. Micellar Casein contains only casein protein as the whey has been totally removed and it is therefore digested more slowly than milk protein.

What performance benefits does Micellar Casein provide?

Protein is fundamental to any athlete or training enthusiasts nutrition. It is essential for growth and repair of all cells, including muscle cells, and it is therefore necessary in order to experience training adaptations. As an ultra-slow digesting protein Micellar Casein 85 is ideal for providing the muscles with a sustained supply of amino acids to promote recovery and protein synthesis during sleep and fasted periods.

10 reviews for GoNutrition Micellar Casein 85 - 2kg

  1. Trivikram

    good product

  2. Mansimran

    Highly recommended because of amazing taste, contents, and ofcourse fast delivery by bodybuilding india.

  3. Kiyansh

    this product is amazingly awesome.

  4. Rovin

    perfct supplimnt till date..must buy..

  5. Shoubhit

    Quite disappointed.

  6. Purshottam

    I use this every night and indeed I see results, not only am I gaining muscle mass but also my sleep is so much better.

  7. Evyavan

    I have recently tried this in the chocolate flavour which is very nice and has a clean pure and making it nice to consume on a regular daily basis to contribute to my protein macro requirements to aid with supporting decent muscle repair and growth.

  8. vivek

    flavour and nutrition are good but doesn’t mix the well.

  9. Ayaan

    Original product. Tastes good.

  10. Sanket

    Excellent product and decent value. Top taste!

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