Tara Nutricare Body Grow Caps – 100 caps


  • Weight Gainer Capsules
  • Muscle Building and repair
  • Increases Natural Appetite

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Body Grow is our first weight gainer supplement produced since 1989. With experience, we have improved the product from time to time and is still one of the best selling weight gainer in the country. It contains proprietary blend of herbs and key nutritional ingredients to help acheive weight gain. Body Grow is a trade mark of Tara Nutricare. Currently there are more than 200 companies producing Body Grow by changing the names slightly here and there. All we suggest you to ensure that it must be from Tara and you can call on our company helpline number to check if the product is original from us OR not. Otherwise you have always got the option by online.
Recommended Usage
Take one to two capsules daily after meal two time a day


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