Tara Fitness Products Anabolic Formula – 1kg

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When you choose “Dr. Hastir’s Anabolic Formula”, you choose the world’s best combination for muscle building, Power, Energy, Stamina and lean muscle mass.

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Tara Fitness Products Anabolic Formula – 1kg

Dr. Hastir\’s Ultimate Sports nutritional food supplement \”Dr. Hastir\’s Anabolic Formula 1kg\” is an unparallel combination of world\’s best food ingredients. When you choose \”Dr. Hastir\’s Anabolic Formula\”, you choose the world\’s best combination for muscle building, Power, Energy, Stamina and lean muscle mass. The great source of highly bio-availbale amino acid combination in Whey Protein is the key for transporting the following powerful ingredients into your system for ultimate tissue building & muscle stabilization. In \”Dr. Hastir\’s Anabolic Formula\” Glutamine is an addition for tissue building, high protein formualtion. The L-Glutamine is an Amino Acid which is the primary Muscle tissue builder. \”Dr. Hastir\’s Anabolic Formula\” provides the optimum dose of Creatine Monohydrate for energy boosting. The Creatine activates the energy release system for prolonged heavy workouts. In bodybuilding Creatine in low doses helps to maintain the energy level for strenuous workout. Creatine in high doses is not for bodybuilding but it is for Power Litfters or Athletes where there is more energy requirement and power gain rather than muscle mass gain. \”Dr. Hastir\’s Anablic Formula\” contains the Chromium Picolinate in sufficient dose which helps in potentiating the pancreatic secretions, which helps in accelerating the sugar metabolism and helps in lowering the cholesterol. Chromium also helps in increasing the lean muscle mass and lowers body fat. \”Dr.Hastir\’s Anabolic Formula\” provides full dose of naturally occurring metabolic and hormonal potentiating herbs like Tribulus Terrestris which helps in enhancing the pituitary glands secretion, thus leading to release of more hormones thus more growth and more muscles and more power and more energy.

Supplement Facts

Each dose (100Gms) contains:

Protein from WHEY 70gm

Protein from Glutamine 3gm

Protein from Creatine 6gm

Carbohydrates 13gm

Fibers 2gm

Fats 2gm

Herbs, Vitamins & Minerals 2gm

Calories 368kcal

Chromium Picolinate 300mcg

Tribulus Terrestris 2gm


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