Natural Foods To Gain Muscles

by | Jan 22, 2019

While your gym instructor may tell you that using supplements will help you in body building. Supplements available in the market may be helpful, but until you’re nourished internally, no food will help you. Hence, before buying them, it is important to first consume energy from natural resources.

Protein is an essential nutrient that is imperative for your health. Protein comprises of chains of amino acids that are used by our bodies to cultivate muscles, hair, nails, skin and internal organs. Building muscle mass and definition is hard work and requires a proper diet to make it happen. When building muscle, it is necessary to eat a variety of nutrient-dense foods with the right blend of proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Building muscle is about more than picking up heavy things and putting them back down again. The foods you eat determine how much your muscles can grow and strengthen. To maximize the muscle building process, you must maximize your nutrition. Here are some foods that will surely help you pack on some solid muscle!


Almonds are a good source of protein, which is essential for the body to repair and build muscle after working out. Its fibre content helps fight food cravings. Almonds are also loaded with Vitamin E – the alpha-tocopherol kind that’s best absorbed by your body and helps prevent free-radical damage that occurs after heavy workouts, indirectly speeding up the muscle recovery process.


Oats are commonly served as a hot cereal for breakfast as they are packed full of fiber and complex carbohydrates to help fuel your day. Oats are also a great source of magnesium; magnesium deficiency can hinder the muscle-building process by depleting key electrolytes in the body. A great way to boost the protein in content of oats is to add milk or yogurt to them, making them a fantastic option for boosting muscle growth.

Peanut butter

When it comes to building muscle, peanut butter’s benefits are as based in convenience and versatility as they are in nutrition. We aren’t knocking its 8 grams of protein per 2-tablespoon serving, but the fact that you can eat that peanut butter straight from the jar, on toast or dumped into smoothies makes it even better.


Bananas are an ideal source of fuel. They’re rich in glucose, a highly digestible sugar, which provides quick energy, and their high potassium content helps prevent muscle cramping during your workout. Each medium banana contains about 36 grams of good carbs. Their low glycemic index means carbs are slowly released into your body, preventing sugar crashes and spurring the process of muscle recovery.

Dairy products

One cup of milk contains about nine grams of protein, and like other low-fat dairy products like yoghurt and cheese, helps refuel muscles and speed up muscle recovery. Low-fat milk is a healthy mix of both carbohydrates and protein and makes an ideal drink post a workout session.


A great source of protein and, specifically, casein protein, cheese makes a fast and muscle-fueling snack. Those from grass-fed cows also contain a good dose of conjugated linoleic acid, which helps build muscles, fight muscle soreness, and burn fat.


Eggs are rich in complete proteins, which help promote muscle growth and recovery. A large hard-boiled egg contains about six grams of protein. Since egg yolks are cholesterol-rich, you may want to eat more egg white. Combine it with carbohydrates, as your muscles become depleted of glycogen during a workout.


Salmon is not only rich in protein, it contains omega-3 fatty acids that help reduce muscle protein breakdown and muscle inflammation, thereby improving muscle recovery. Salmon also contains many nutrients that help in reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

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