Myths of Hard Gainers

by | Jun 2, 2018

People who are very thin and are giving their best to gain some pounds and still facing difficulty are classified as hard gainers. Hard gainer an individual who doesn’t build muscle despite proper training, calorie surplus and adequate recovery. While some people blame their genetics, others believe that it’s the efficiency of their metabolism that burns out their calories throughout the day. How to gain muscle is indeed a challenging question for hard gainers. Gaining weight is all about eating more and training hard. It is due to the natural high metabolism that building muscles and gaining weight sometimes looks impossible. Due to fast metabolism, hard gainers usually believe they have eaten enough. This is simply a major mistake. Being a hard gainer, you must understand the requirement of your body for it to function accordingly. Here are some myths or facts about hard gainers that every hard gainer needs to know.

Myth 1: Hard gainers need to train everyday to gain weight

Some people believe that high-volume weight training sessions 6 days a week is the only way you’ll get big. This is not true. In order for your muscles to grow they need time to recover and rebuild. Your body simply cannot heal fast enough out of your last exercise. So if you’re exercising daily constantly, you’re in fact doing more damage – and Stopping your muscle tissues from expanding. For your muscle groups to grow they need a chance to heal and repair. Break between workout routines and permits you to return to the gym larger and more powerful than you were in the past.

Myth 2: Don’t worry about sugar

Sugars are carbs. As a hard gainer, and with your desire to pack in the calories, you may not be concerned with sugar intake that much. Sugar does little for muscle gain, staying lean and getting stronger. Long-term muscle-building is built on complex carbs full of micronutrients to help you get to your goal faster, not simple sugars that go straight to your waistline.

Myth 3: Only supplements build muscles

Supplements don’t build muscle. The reality is that supplements can help a little bit. They can help you feel more energetic. They can boost your testosterone a little bit. They can help you get more protein in your diet. They can increase your capacity to lift heavy weights. Your heavy weight training, stuffing your face with food, and getting plenty of rest builds muscle. Nothing can replace a solid weight training program, a weight gain diet, and good old rest.

Myth 4: Hard gainers can see only minor results

Eating more and feeling sore from exercising, with unpredictable results, can really demotivate you at a certain point. If you don’t exercise and eat just about enough food to have energy for normal daily activities, of course you won’t pack any muscle. Change your routine and, most importantly, stay consistent. Once you’ve gone past the shock stage, you’ll become bigger and stronger.

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