Muscle Building Myths

by | Dec 9, 2017

When it comes to building muscle and working out, there is a lot of information about building larger and stronger muscles, including what to eat, what exercises to do and how long to rest. Whether using free weights, machines, cables or free-hand exercises, mastering the properties of resistance training is fundamental to building muscle. However, what is often lacking in these how to guides is information on how to best organize one’s diet, rest schedule and exercise routine to maximize results. Many people operate under misconceptions about how our bodies respond to exercise, particularly when it comes to muscle building.  There are some muscle-building myths in order to keep you on the proper path to the mind-blowing muscle and strength gains you deserve.

Myth 1: Lift as heavy as possible

For building muscles, it is required to used heavier weights than what our muscles are used to in order to make them grow. But that doesn’t mean stating with a bodybuilder’s routine. In the beginning, it’s best to focus on technique and form. Once that’s been established, gradually increase weight and continue doing so to keep exercise sessions varied. But it’s generally accepted that combining heavy weights with a smaller number of repetitions is the best way to increase muscle mass.

Myth 2: Eat nothing but protein

It is true that consuming good quality protein after a strength training session can enhance muscle growth; however, there does not seem to be a relationship between the amount of protein and the amount of muscle gained. Some people looking to bulk up think that they have to consume a cow’s worth of steak at every meal to do so, but protein’s only part of the equation. We need extra protein to fuel our muscles; balance is key so we still need healthy carbs and fats in our diets, too.

Myth 3: Carbohydrate is not important in muscle growth

Many people make the mistake of thinking that protein is the key nutrient required to build muscle and carbohydrate does not play a part in muscle synthesis.  However, although it might not provide the building blocks for muscle growth, carbohydrate is still an essential fuel for muscles. Adequate carbohydrate intake can increase the ability to perform strength and resistance exercises by providing the energy the muscles need.

Myth 4: Building muscle makes you bulky

Most women avoid weight training because they think it will make them look bulky.  When you lift heavy weights you create micro tears in your muscle fibres.  These tears are then replaced by the body, making your muscle stronger and metabolically more active.  Muscle tissue is more dense than fat which will make you look leaner and fit not bigger.

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