Money can’t makes the body

by | Sep 15, 2014

Money can buy all type of luxuries, medicines, supplements, health club membership, personal training, other health amenities and health insurance. But you can never buy a champion physique or even an athletic body, if you are not or never blessed with the basic genetical requirements to be champ.
I have seen thousands of body builders, sports persons and athletes coming from poor to very poor family. We hardly find any super star, in any sport, coming from very high or elite families. Though everybody want to excel or become champions. This shows that to be a champion in any power sports you should be born with a basic healthy mesomorphic genetics, the Inborn body type to be fit in any sports discipline is not in any bodies hand, but it is in the hand of nature.
Talking about the bodybuilding practice and participation, I have seen many times that the would-be champions of any levels excel much faster to the training, diet and recovery then his friends those are blessed with an average or below average genetics, he may be rich or can afford any drugs or supplement in the world. I have seen them spending abundantly on the high-tech, expensive, lucrative, confusing, maniac and exhaustive training methods, without much results.


You can’t buy everything which can help you to become a champ. Any steroid, drugs, hormones, pro hormones, stimulants, energizers, mass maker or any special food, may have some effects on our body, but all this is just 5-10% finishing TOUCH to your inherited genetical physique.
Even a great artist cannot make a beautiful statue on a sand stone because of the low quality of the stone whereas he can make awesome creation over the best quality marble. Same is our body if you have a best physique genetics of Mesomorphic nature with 12 to 16 percentage of body fat [ before starting gym], light but bigger bony structure, more muscle mass, naturally thin paper type skin and your fast & perfect body metabolism, then you have to have that fighting spirit of training, motivation, temperament, confidence, target and the destiny to become a Champion.
My best advice to all young body maniacs not to waste money over unwanted bla bla and keep your moral up to improve yours blessed body with the minimum resources you have. You should compromise and satisfy with the physique and its limitations your born with. Rather you should enjoy with positive attitude on the body material you are blessed with.
…………. Dr. Randhir Hastir

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  1. Syed Abdul Rahman

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