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It’s indeed a bad time for Soy, which is truly nature’s complete wonder food. People are scared of consuming soya and the most common myth is that one can develop female tendencies and can lead to hormonal changes in men.

 The anti-soy “madness” is fueled by the Dairy Association and the   pro egg and Meat Foundations through articles by Ph.D. authorities. These organizations stand a chance to loose lot of money due to increased soya consumption. The Dairy associations want you to keep drinking lots of milk and consume dairy products.

According to an FDA scientific review, soy does not in any way interfere with childhood growth, induce early puberty, interfere with fertility, cause pancreatic or breast cancer, or interfere with mineral absorption as long as dietary consumption is adequate. Soy is not alone the only allergen, as proteins in wheat, dairy, corn, eggs and seafood also cause allergies in many people.

Soy! A wonder food for health and fitness enthusiasts is under great attack of high tech nutrition companies, milk, chicken n egg and beef promoting companies and of course the Internet media.

 Soy itself a nature’s complete high protein food with around 38% protein with soy fat and carbs along with good fiber. To maintain the nutrition quality Soya should be cooked under low heat. Overcooking leads to binding of the protein molecules and makes it difficult for humans to digest it.

 Unlike meat products Soya does not carry any cardiovascular risk and has no preservatives like nitrates and nitrites.

 Infact Soy supplementation is known for lowering total cholesterol and LDL (bad) cholesterol, while raising HDL (good) levels. While other dietary changes and exercise may improve blood lipids substantially, soy consumption alone will make a significant improvement. When soy supplements are combined with lifestyle changes, benefits are even more dramatic. Soy acts to balance blood lipids, and will not adversely affect those with normal levels.

 The isoflavone in Soya help increase the bone density for those at risk for osteoporosis. One of the most important supplements proven to build bone without the side effects common to bone building drugs is Ipriflavone, a soy isoflavone derivative. Soy plus calcium daily maintained bone density; while those who took calcium alone suffered significant bone loss, a recent study has indicated.

 Many studies have found that soy isoflavone reduce menopausal hot flushes and flashes, and there is surprising new evidence of soy’s therapeutic power in preventing two of the biggest complications in type 2 diabetes: kidney disease and heart disease. Researchers have also found that soy consuming countries have the lowest rates of prostate cancer.

 I recommend consuming soy foods as part of your daily diet, to get the valuable isoflavone daidzein and genistein. There are many forms of soy, including fermented and unfermented soy protein powders, tofu


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  1. parveen

    What about estrogen ??
    i have read many articles that soy leads to higher estrogen level that makes lower testosterone level.

  2. Ram patil

    Thanx. N send me tips for body building on my gamil.

  3. veer

    what to eat for reducing man’s boobs and puffy nippals………how to shrink them

    • Ghanshyam

      Press them all the tym …

  4. jibson. issa crt ftns trainer

    hi veer,
    have u ever taken steroids? let me know about it then i can explain u


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