How Effective Is Jump Roping??

by | Aug 23, 2017

Why Jumping Rope is more effective??

If you’re not a fan of running for cardio exercise, then consider jump roping. If you try jumping rope only for five minutes, you will come to realize that it freshens all of your body cells and muscle tones. It’s a quick way to burn lots of calories. Jump rope workouts can help you lose weight, build muscles and become healthier. Over the years, jumping rope has helped many people get fit fast and improve athletic performance. Let’s see the benefits of jumping rope and learn how you get the most out of it.

Warm up Exercise

Jumping rope is a great way to get the blood pumping through the body. It activates all the muscles groups therefore you’ll be ready for an upper body or lower body workout. Starting a workout without warm up is an injury disaster waiting to happen. A 5-minute jump rope workout is enough to get the blood flowing through the muscles and joints.

Increases Fitness Levels

Jump roping kicks up your heart and respiratory rates, bringing fresh blood and oxygen to your organs. Over time, jump roping will help strengthen your heart muscles as well as improve your ability to breathe. As you become less breathless while working out, your body will be able to take large amounts of oxygen and circulate blood faster and with fewer beats than before. This increase in your fitness levels will also help make performing daily tasks.

Coordination and Quickness

Jumping rope will keep you more alert and improve responsiveness. It requires one to coordinate arms and feet, and you’ll gain more speed and coordination by jumping fast. It requires one to coordinate arms and feet, and you’ll gain more speed and coordination by jumping fast. For women, jump roping strengthens bone density therefore reducing the risk of osteoporosis and other debilitating bone diseases.

Improve Upper Body

Jumping rope helps you to achieve the great shape of your upper body. As you turn your rope using your forearms, biceps, triceps, core muscles, backrest and shoulders, naturally your upper body gets into the awesome looking great shape.

Risk Free and Less Timing

Jump rope is completely free from any risk factors. There is no chance of any injury in this workout. Just try it and experience it. On the other hand, jump rope is less time-consuming than running. That’s why it is more effective for those professionals and service holders who are unable to spend 30 minutes for exercise because of time restriction.

Full-Body Workout

In addition to strengthening and toning your legs, jump roping strengthens and tones your abdominal, chest, arms, butt, shoulders and back. Your body has to fight hard in order to keep you from falling over every time you jump. Therefore, all the major muscle groups are involved during this exercise. As a result, you will end up burning a lot of calories and fat in a short amount of time.

Fat Loss

Jumping rope is a strenuous exercise and it burns more calories than treadmill cardio or running. On average, jumping rope for a minute burns 11 calories. And if you increase intensity you can burn up to 20 calories per minute. One could burn as many as 500 calories in less than 30 minutes. Therefore, it will be easier to lose 1 or 2 pounds per week if your diet is on point. Jump rope workout will also help a great deal if you are trying to lose belly fat or get ripped abs.

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