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by | Aug 12, 2014

Any body if stick to right training and good diet with or without good genetics can go up to SOME GOOD level in three years. Which is ones biological limits of any ordinary normal  physique. But problem is that there are hardly few people those stick to training for more than 1 year ..Or they do it just irregularly irregular.

70% of the gym goers hardy complete one months in the gym regularly. They just pay the fee, buy the supplement and never continue.

Then 20% of the people complete 1-2 months may be 3-6 months. They show some improvement with increase size, power, stamina and improved shape. But they never reach the next level though they may be maniac for this.

There are 5-6 % of the gym goers those go to gym for years, develop great power, strength, stamina and huge shape . They are normally endo-meso type bodyfreeks. They are great strength athletes with big size of 16-18 inchs of biceps 45-48 inchs of chest etc. but no muscularity and champion shape. They are regular and permanent gym goers with out any any target. Because they enjoy and under stand the effect of exercise. I would say they are exercise addicts. Truly speaking they are the assets of any club.

Then comes 2-3 % or even less of the real genetically strong peoples those show remarkable improvement in the very 1st. few months and  they are normally fit for any competitions in few months, depending upon the talent they are gifted with. Truly speaking in my 40 years experience I have concluded that the 80% of ones potential and capabilities comes in the very first three years of serious training life. AND FOR ACHIEVING THE REAMING 20% ONE MAY NEED 10-15 YEARS.

I am lucky enough to see the progress of my close friends /allies like PREM CHAND, HEERA LAL, VARINDER GHUMAN, JAI SINGH, MANJIT, YOGESH SANAN, DALIP KHALI and many international stars right from the day 1 they started training or they started following me. Almost every one of them reached to a level of becoming some champion and placing top three in the IBBF nationals or winning junior national or junior international in the very first three years.  Prem Chand took 5 years to become world champion though he won Mr. Asia gold in second year of his training. Ghuman took 4 years to become international star, Heera Lal won junior national in 2 years and the took almost 8 years to win his first Mr. Asia and then won world championships a year after. It is continuity and consistency of training not the bla bla testo or andro factors.

I may assure you all that these are not and can never be the result of any steroid or any super stacks.

 Reality is this that the champs are not champs because of the drugs or any supplement they may or may use but they are champs because of the extraordinary talent / genetics they are born with and the training method they could follow by dint of luck and destiny.

Dr. Randhir Hastir

bodybuilding india franchise


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