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    [*]hello sir
    My name is deepak chauhan and i am 21 yrs old and my height is 170 cms and weight is 80 kg……..i am working out from last 1.5 yrs and had taken 1month gap after evry 5-6 months…….coz of demotivated seeing my results……but now started again from 2 months ….just wanted ur guidance in building lean and muscular physique like the sonu sood and john abraham like body along with fitness……..please suggest me a good workout and diet plan…..plzz help me.



    To improve your performance you needs to be regular and consistent. The type of physique you are interested in needs very strict regime of eating and 2-3 times of 20 to 30 minutes of cardio after high intensity workout. You must have at least 2-3 days off so that the strength training you are doing helps you to recover to get good muscle mass. But to get lean you have to be very serious about eating.
    Forget about all type of sweets and junk foods. You must consume 6-8 very small meal every 2-3 hours so that you get good muscle growth and at the same time check the fat gain. As per your height you should be around 72 kilogram with 12 to 13% of body fat and stay in shape even when your not training. This is only possible if you reduce your diet intake further in your oFf days.
    All the best



    Thanks for ur valuable suggestion…..just can u shed some details over the detailed exercise schedule and diet chart……..please sir its an request……… And also give some suggestions along with it…



    Your detailed exercise plan can be
    Day 1 Chest Shoulder triceps
    Day 2 Back Biceps Trapizious triceps
    Day 3 Legs
    Day 4 Rest
    Repeat the cycle with Sunday and Thursday as rest days

    Regarding eating …eat what ever you like but eat small balanced 6-8 meals every 3-4 hours
    eat very less at one time and always stay hungry after eating
    All the best



    Hey pls can u help me I’m a 16 yr old teenager I’m almost 17 now I have trained for 4 months above I didn’t follow a biggeners routine I messed up everything I didn’t gain much muscle I’m very committed to gym I really feel sad I didn’t gain muscle I even take supplements I also lift heavy then others of my age I don’t gain muscle I even follow diet I had very less newbie gain I never followed a workout ….any 1 can help me? With training n nutrition guide?



    Great! Valuable advice given by everyone..

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