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    I am 21 years old. My body weight weight 74kg and biceps size 13inch. I have some fat on tummy but not much. I have little gyno problem. I want to take Dianabol tabs because I want clean bulk.I have never use any steroids cycle.One reason behind the use of dianabol is that it is cheap.
    My first question is how to reduce gyno problem?
    and please tell me all about dianabol cycle?
    Sir please help



    Hi Sandeep, Dianabol is an oral anabolic steroids which is as good and as bad as any other steroids, which is once consume in any quantity passes to the liver and finally to the brain to create an artificial and temporary increased protein utilization in the body. Like any other steroids it works for sometime and upto some limit and then you may increase the dose to many folds the effect of steroids will not be there. More you use the more damage will be there and optimum you use less damage.
    The gyno problem you mentioned is also the result of such type of steroids. The problem to its swearity may require surgical treatment. In the very beginning the gyno problem may reverse itself but once it last long and repeatedly you are consuming steroids the problem can increases, which may needs surgery.
    The rigin for taking dinabol depends upon the basic physical requirement and capabilities. This is sure more you take at one time the effect will be same with small doses, but bigger doses may lead to quick Ir-repareble side effects.
    Selling steroids and promoting steroids is just unethical and against humanity so please make sure just for small, temporary benefits there is no fun to spoil your beloved physique.
    The positive effects may loss for few weeks once you leave it but the positive effects may last years together.



    Sir thanks for your valuable reply, and it is very good way to take advices from great minds of bodybuilding.

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