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    Please tell me some good steroids tablets



    I am surprised when we talk of body and health, from where this idea of drugs and steroids enter to the manic brain.
    The tablets, capsules and injections of steroids are not the tools of trainers, bodybuilders, health club owners, supplements suppliers an sellers.
    This is basically rights and jurisdiction of DOCTOR’s only. The above mentioned bla bla are important tools in the hand of Doctor’s to help the patient’s suffers for better living.
    The drugs and steroid has no role in health benefits. Though they may have some temporary health boosting actions to excel our performance for sometime in the form of increased muscle mass, power, strength, definition and energy. But this is purely temporary and transient. Once you leave them, the effects withers away and leave behind the same musculature with many irreversible damages.
    These dangerous chemical if taken in younger ages can leave behind miserable side effects which are observe throughout life. If taken in the matured age the side effect may not be that much………… but the positive effective you get at any age are purely like a bubbles which disappear once you leave.
    The effects of the bla bla are same even if you take very high doses. I have seen people taking almost 100-200% more dose than the actual prescribed doses. This leads to more damage with bigger doses but the advantage or the effects are same which can be achieved with a small doses.
    Steroids user develop the habits of addiction of these drugs. That’s the reason once you start using you always run to get again and again. But I assure you the outcome and output of the performance remains the same for many years with drugs.
    Steroid never make bodies. They just give you 5-10% temporary boost , but when you leave you lose the results. Net results is zero. So improve what you have with right training , diet and rest system. The proper continuity and regularity for many year of the trio of exercise, diet and rest gives you the same effect of drugs and steroid and slowly increase your performance for every year without any side effect.
    I advise you to follow the natural fitness life style to do better every time.
    I remind you that champs are champs not because of the the drugs and steroids THEY MAY USE OR NOT USE, but because of the extra ordinary genetics and they are born with and uninterrupted successful destiny.



    Steroids is for the professionals – but they do take less of it. I would advice you to advice health expert before intake of it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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