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    hello sir,
    i am tanishk 21 years old, i have been working out for 3 years from now. being a beginner i showed up some improvements from 10 inches of biceps now i have 14.9-15. 16 inches thighs to 22.5-23. chest 34-36 now ive ggot 43. ive been under a strict heavy protein diet for last 1 year and last 6 months even more strict.. now i weigh 75 kgs but can’t expand anymore i deadlift for 135 kgs squat for 200.. but can’t do bench press of more than 80 nowadays where as my peak was 105kg 1RM. my stamina has been goin down drastically so as my ability to eat more the place where i used to eat 30 eggs a day now i can eat just 3-4. in place of a 10-12 banana hardly i eat 5-6.. i used to eat boild dal chicken but now i cannot.. my instructor who is an international bodybuilder and celebrity trainer suggested me to take some injectables.. that will cost me around 15 k a month im just a student yet cannot manage that much of expenditure.. should i go for d-bol cycle.. but ive read we need to combine it with some testosterone compound in order to keep the gains for longer. should i go for dhea to increase testosterone levels or should i take it in a compound way. if yes then what should i take. is it important to start with all anabolic steroids right now or should i wait few more year to achieve more muscle maturity. im crazy bout bodybuilding its all that ive got. i wanna be mr. olympia..thats my ultimate goal.. i m ready to give up my life fr bodybuilding.. please helpme out what kinda workout plan what nutrients rich diet i should be eating ?



    Hi Tanishk,
    Let me have your physique photo so i can evaluate your potential and guide you accordingly.



    I have seen your photo and statics ..its all encouraging. But you have to face the reality of your biological limits.
    Your three year progress is just ok. Any body if stick to just training and good diet with or without good genetics can go up to your level. Which is just normal biological limits of any ordinary no champion physique. But problem is that there are hardly few people those stick to training for more than 1 year ..Or they do it just irregularly irregular.

    70% of the gym goers hardy complete one months in the gym regularly. The just pay the fee, buy the supplement and never continue.

    Then 20% of few people complete 1-2 months may be 3-6 months. The show some improvement with increase size, power, stamina and improved shape. But they never reach the level the next level though they may be maniac for this.

    There 5-6 % of the gym goers those go to gym for years develop great power, strength, stamina and huge shape . But they are normally endo-meso type not bodyfreeks with great strength athletes with big size of 16-18 inchs of biceps 45-48 inchs of chest etc. but no muscularity. The are regular and permanent gym goers with out any any target. Because they enjoy and under stand the effect of exercise. I would say they are exercise addicts. Truly speaking they are the assets of any club.

    Then comes 2-3 % or even less of the real genetically strong peoples those show remarkable improvement in the very 1st. month and after three months they are normally fit for any competitions depending to the talent they are gifted with. Truly speaking in my 40 years experience I have concluded that the 80% potential and capabilities comes in the very first three years of your serious training life. AND FOR ACHIEVING THE REAMING 20% ONE MAY NEED 10-15 YEARS.

    I am lucky enough to see the progress of my close friends /allies like PREM CHAND, HEERA LAL, VARINDER GHUMAN, JAI SINGH, MANJIT, YOGESH SANAN, DALIP KHALI and many international stars right from the day 1 they started training or they started following me. Almost every one of them reached to a level of becoming state champion and placing top three in the IBBF nationals or winning junior national or junior international in the very first three years. Then Prem Chand took 5 years to become world champion though he won Mr. Asia gold in second year of his training. Ghuman took 5 years to become international star, Heera Lal took almost 8 years to win his first Mr. Asia and then won world championships a year after.

    I may assure you that these are not and can never be the result of any steroid or any super stacks. Reality is this that the champs are not champs because of the drugs or any supplement they may or may use but they are champs because of the extraordinary talent / genetics they are born with and the training method they could follow by dint of luck and destiny.

    Tomorrow I will elaborate on your other questions step by step….. this is to enlighten youth in general to help them to do good and to help them to live longer with bodybuilding ..and save them from going off track … and to make few better champs.



    thank you so much sir i really needed some expert ‘s advice and the very same day i found this website.. im really grateful to youtfor your advice n solutions to the problems im going through..
    yesterday i met my trainer’s trainer( mr. india mallesh) he started his in early 1987 to 2007 again in 2014 he started he aims to win National n international title he is 49 now. he also gave me the same advice . not to go off track and start steroids at this early age. coz till 1998 he was also a natural bodybuilder. but can i really make a physique to complete in international levels even after years of training ?



    Referring to you previous question I am picking a question,
    How many eggs one should take in a day or at one time?
    It is ridicules to hear that people [self styled nutritionist + bodybuilders] take 20-40 eggs or even more a day. It is really funny to listen from these protein maniacs that it is going to give them great muscles.The reality is that they could not digest all these and 80% of the undigested food goes to toilet and one becomes a good manure factory.

    But the truth is that any one even 100kg individual of body fat of 15% can never digest more than 30gms of Protein at one time and total 130 to 160 gms a day. If some one is 70kg the total requirement is just 100gms and at one time not more then 20gms.
    People think that the protein is in Eggs or whey powders only, They are confused and stressed and misinformed. It is fro general information that protein is in milk, pulses, Wheat, Rice, nuts, leafy vegetables and all non veg foods. Then Why eggs only or protein powders are considered as the protein sources only.

    Eggs: An average egg of 50 g supplies 80 calories, and contains 5 g of fat (all in the yolk and some in white), 6 g of protein (all in the egg white and some in yolk), less than 0.5 g of carbohydrates and 215 mg of cholesterol.

    This means that 6 eggs supply a total of 1300 mg of cholesterol, 36gms of protein. Which is much more then required at one time and hardly our gut [intestine ] can digest. This is a matter of interest for all that at one time one type of protein is never digested. Human is a herbivorous and carnivorous both [Omnivorous].This means the digestive enzymes in human gut are designed in such a proportion that both veg and non veg protein is required to complete the complete amino acid profile.

    So human food should have veg food + milk or eggs or meat etc [non veg] in total so that the amino acid profile, minerals, vitamins, trace elements should be completed to give you the best to grow & recover, There is no study available that about 20-30-40 are going to help you imp[rove muscles. The studies are available that 2-3 eggs 3-4 times a week are much better to get the best effects of micro ingredients of eggs like omega fatty acids, fat soluble vitamins, HDL etc. The abundance of all these micro ingredients can cause ill effects also.
    The ideal is 2-4 eggs at one time 2-3 times a day along with other food like cereals. nuts, milk, salad etc.

    Don’t waste money on huge number of eggs. Insist upon balanced diet covering cereals 50%, pulses 20% milk and non veg 20% throughout the year and eat 6-8 very small covering all impotent every time trough out the day.

    I will take another part of your question and will reply next time … keep tuned.



    thank u so much sir i never knew all these things

    i ll cut down the no. of eggs n also divide the whole day’s diet in proper proportion



    very informative…..thanks sir.



    thanks Sir, there is lot of good information provided by you.



    Yeah you have a great physique. I agree with that. But if you really wish to expand more than your biological limits, you’ll have to work hard for it. Regular exercise and nutrition diet will help you to gain more size and to gain better results.
    I assure you that you have the potential to come up with better results. All you need to do is to work hard for that. MR. Olympia is toughest bodybuilding completion of the world. BMTG international is a great gym with professional gym trainer who helps the trainee to get better physique with proper diet plan and supplements help. Go to BMTG international website and see the better bodybuilding products yourself. Best of luck for upcoming future.



    You are having a very nice physique. Nice muscular body.

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