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    I am 25 years old men, I am doing exercise last 8 months. I have take Banana shake after gym from last 8 months but I observed that my stomach fat is growing fast. I want to know that what to eat after exercise to gain muscle size not stomach fat, but I dont want to use any type of supplement. I want to take only natural foods. My body measurement as given under:-
    1. Body Weight:- 75 Kg
    2. Height:- 5 feet 8 inch
    3. Biceps:- 12.5 inch
    I am waiting your good self reply. plz help me.



    Hello Garry and Vijay,
    Before i comment on your question i want to make it clear that supplements are not drug. They comes out of the naturally occruring ingridients in the natural foods, i can simply say talk of any macro or micro supplement they come from natural food vegetables or animal world.
    Like whey protein comes from milk, creatine comes from meat, glucose and maltodextrine starch comes from maize or rice. Vitamins and minerals comes from fibers of the various food stuff and fats & oils comes from natural seeds, pulses, cearials and animal products.
    Only thing is you have to sure about the supplement product origin, manufacturing authenticacy and originality of the product.
    If the supplement is not the trust worthy then it can be dangerous. So don’t get tensed for going for supplements.
    Banana shakes are good source of carbs and miled quantity of protein (If there is milk in the shake). If there is no milk then it is purely a carb. Thus it should be used before the exercise for energy purposes. Make sure if you are already fatty, you should avoid all these sweet shakes.
    Better to go empty stomach for exercise and consume some high protein food along with moderate carbohydrate as a post workout. You can choose few egg whites, milk, some bread along with a small piece of seasonal fruit.



    The best way to gain muscle is through nutrition diet. Eggs, barbecue or less fat meat full of nutrition gives better results. Drink milk regularly & concentrate on nutrition diet to gain perfect size.



    Hello Garry
    Before I tell you anything, I would like to clear one point that the 2 supplement are as natural as our natural food we take daily. Because the supplements are drived from the natural foods in the proper hygenic process. Like whey and casien come from milk, starch, maltodextrine and glucose comes from maize, rice or wheat. The fatty acid and transliped comes from seeds of various nature. The protein in general comes from PEAS, Soya, eggs, milk, dride meat etc. If you have trust in the manufacturing company and the right source of product then there is no problem in taking the supplement 1 or 2 times a day.
    Taking Banana Shake and search other healthy looking shakes gives you extra calories which gets accumulated on the depending parts, and the commonest is your belly area. It will be good if you don’t take anything for at least one to one day half hour exercise and then consume some moderately high protein product like two eggs and a glass of milk. If you need energy and your skinning then you can take some high carb low protein foods before training like fruit as a whole some sprouted cereals and pulses and fruits.

    All the best.

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