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    Respected Sir
    my name is hemant raj belong to nainital, my problem is low testosteron (free & total), so it’s a request to u plz suggest me how i boost my testosteron & gain muscle & stemina



    For the muscle building the best way is take protein diet or supplements that can help you gain muscle & helping you to improve strength and stamina. For low testosterone Get the proscription of doctor.



    The best way to increase testosterone naturally is to concentrate to power training specially your bigger muscle exercise like legs and hips. this will be great if you do the strength training 2-3 times a week quite heavy and straining.
    Light training and cardios does not increase testosterone please note.



    First of all stop masturbating or at least reduce it’s frequency… There are alot of young bodybuilders who work hard in gym and then couldn’t control their fantasies and end of masturbating. Your body loses testosterone when u ejaculate and thus ur muscle growth rate reduces alot and you feel demotivated and powerless!! Ideally our body spontaneously produces 5 g of testosterone daily…testosterone is the most important hormone responsible for muscle growth and in creases many masculine qualities in men. It also increases fat burning rate in our body. Testosterone is very important for muscle building. It is derived from cholesterol. So make sure u include some cholesterol in your deit..like flax oil..dry fruits etc..



    Please don’t get confused

    Testosterone levels in young age has nothing to do with masturbation or sexual intercourse. Muscle mass is definitely linked with the testosterone level but after ejaculation the level never lowers and there is no loss muscle mass. If it is like that then every one after marriage should lose weight or die due to over indulgence in sex. Sex urge and power is nothing to do with muscle mass also, as testosterone is linked with multiple functions in your body not only sex. So don’t worry about the sex habits and functions your are not going to lose sex power and muscle mass. But be careful never become slave of the habbit. Any thing in excess is always bad.



    For the last couple of days my balls dont seem to be hanging low but clinging to my body, is this prelude to shrinkage?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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