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    I have been into off and on workout regime because of some pain in my lower back, i hv gone through the MRI and other tests but there no such serious thing as per the doctors.
    but sitting bending and other such activity causes a pinching pain tht ceases me for a few moments the i need to press my bck with both my thumbs. but the pain is regular now. doctors just prescribe me medicines like ALFEX,NUROKIND PLUS,COXIB 90. but that has not made me back to my workout regime.
    I want to pursue a career into modelling and fitness.

    Please guide me some proper recovery or whom should i Consult regarding this.

    thnx ,
    Gaurav Lucknow



    Hi Guru,
    Your back ache looks to be cryonic where there is no significance findings in MRI etc. It means your lower back muscles are strained either due to bad posture or due to big belly (if you are overweight). Most of the time the disc spaces in simple x-ray L-spine does not show any abnormality but most of the time very minor displacement in the alinement of the vertible column presents with unbearable pain or discomfort. There is no use of any medicament. I advice you to consult a physiotherapist for lumber traction, ultrasound and shortwave diathermy. The lower back strengthening exercise is of great value. Hip flexor exercises are equally important as the hyper extension exercises.



    All pulling, hanging and leg raising exercises releases the back stress and pain. I advice you to leg raising and light pull overs after your leg workout or even after your any standing overhead exercises



    Maybe your back muscles are weak due to bad posture of back. I think you should reconsider X ray & get the physiotherapist help through you can again concentrate on gym and modeling.
    it will be better if you post x ray of your lumber spine

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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