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    How to lose fat with building?



    Training just 3 – 4 Times a Week

    You can train with weights as little as three times a week, just 45-60 minutes per session. After GYMMING. I want you to do 20-30 minutes of CARDIOS to burn off the fat even faster. You can also do up to 30 minutes of cardio if you’re up for it, but no more than that. I will leave that up to you.

    Alternatively, you can do your cardio on your days off from the weights. The best time to do it in this case is as soon as you wake up on empty stomach since research indicates that more body fat is burned when performed on a fasted state since glycogen (stored carbohydrates) levels are low. Make sure when you do only cardios you need to do 40-50mts and when you do it after gyming you can do 15-20 mts. The best one is after training. .. 2-3 times a week….for more details click here..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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