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    This is serious problem .ok I am 23 years old and I weigh only 39 kilograms and I am only 4ft 9 inches and I have very lean muscles. I eat normal that means I take only food that is required to support my day. People regard me as too skinny and I am often laughed upon I can count my ribs. I don?t know what to do and I am in terrible condition my muscles are like pencil. Even girls don?t take me seriously into dating. i failed many relationships due to this reason. I am not even noticeable in a group for dating.I am thinking that it is the perfect time to overcome this hurdles in my life. Also I have a bad habit of smoking excessive cigarettes I think that is the main culprit of my being skinny. I am planning to join gym and gaining weight as well as some mass. Kindly suggest what should I do I am also thinking to start the gym along with supplements. I heard that creatine supplements help and whey proteins also. I don?t want to be looking a pencil all my life. I have no idea of the supplements kindly suggest me the appropriate supplements available in India. I know that I have to quit smoking and I am looking forward to it. Your suggestions are welcome.



    Sorry for the delayed reply
    From your body statistics it means you are really a patient of stunted growth and acute ectomorphic pattern . Either you have a genetical inheritance from your short skinny parental or maternal inheritance.If your parents are all right then you must be suffering from some pituitary insufficiency. I advice you to contact some endocrinologist.
    If every thing is ok then being a fitness expert i advice you to start going to gym 2-3 times a week and do the basic exercises under an expert.Please do not go for more than 4 days a week to the gym because you required optimum training and more rest to get bigger.
    Eat very small balanced 6-8 meals every 2-3 hours through out the day.
    This will help you and i wish to good health



    Update: Well its going on two weeks and in the middle of second treatment. My largest loach was the most affected but now she seems more active and tries to eat. She is still skinny but its a start. Thanks for the help Chefkeith.

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