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    Dear Sir,
    I am doing exercise last 1 year in a local gym, in this period I am noticed a problem that “if I am focus to increase my muscles size like biceps, chest, back, triceps etc (ex. Biceps size 14’’ to 16’’ etc) then I noticed that my stomach fat is also increased with my muscle”. In this regard, I have some queries related to this topic:-
    1. So kindly suggest me how to control my stomach fat?? My muscles size will be growing but not stomach fat.
    2. Kindly suggest me post or pre work out diet (without supplement & fat less diet) that helps me to growing my muscles size fast??
    3. If my body weight is not gain and it remain same like 75kg then my muscle size increase or not?
    4. If my body weight is decreasing like 75kg to 70kg then my muscle size also decrease?



    Stomach fat is not the result of training for muscle building for others parts of the body.the fat on stomach and other parts of the body comes only because of excess calorie intake it may be whether protein carbs or fat. more you eat its not sure that you re going to build up your mass. the extra calories are likely to convert into fats and get stored on the fat pron areas. we have to cut down on unwanted eating and must eat 6-8 small multiple balanced meals through out the day.
    if you want get rid of extra body fat forget about the pre workouts. The post workouts can be just milk and eggs , cheese and bread , soy and nuts ect.
    The bodybuilding is sport where the body needs to bigger not heavier. Leaner you are you will look bigger and weigh lighter and fatty you are will look smaller and weigh heavier .



    This was what I was looking for at all.



    Go for twister exercise and running or swimming regular. Apart from that USE Carbohydrate supplements which will help you to get better exercise results with pre or post workout exercise.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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