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    hello sir, my name is suryansh. i workout in a local gym nearby my house. i have been working out for 1.5 years but still couldn’t see much gains. my gym mates suggested me to use anabolic steroid. what are your opinions? if you oppose then please give some suggestions for bulking and getting a massive size… my age is 18. i’m 5’10”. weighing 67 kgs. Thank you sir



    Hello Suryansh
    It is really a matter of concern that you are at 18 having muscle mania to improve at the fastest pace. It is good but you have to save your self.

    The steroids and other anabolic agents you mentioned are not for you at any cost.
    All the bla bla have nothing to do with bodybuilding. As they are medicines and not the supplements. These medicines are to be handled and dispensed by the Doctors only on the patients not by so called self style coaches, medicine or supplement sellers and any senior bodybuilder or sportsman on body lovers like you.

    Taking or giving steroid below the age of 22 is a big SIN in my eyes. Because this is the tender age and status of health when complete maturity of all Endocrinol system can be dangerously affected.

    It is better to concentrate for few more years on right training, diet and rest. And let your body grow to its natural potential depending upon your gifted genetics.

    The roids are just polish can give some kick to work more but it is purely temporary accompanied with unexplained damages.

    It is hard fact that 90% of the drug user normally does not show expected improvement because of the weak genetics of the users, where as 10% users with better genetics may show some improvement. But these 100% users can not escape from the immediate or delayed side effects.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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