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    I am 19year old and my height is 6feet 1inch my weight is 55 kg. I am too skiny. I want to a good body. For this what exceris do tell me with pictures.
    And told about protien supplyment , effect and side effetct.
    Thank you



    Hi kuldeep beniwal,
    From your body statistics it looks that you are an ectomorphic with more bone and some muscle weight and hardly any fat store. People like you are thin not because they are not eating but they are thin because they are eating too much but do not digesting. People like you are always tens and stressful because of the health and other well known reasons known to them only. There is no reason if you people can grow taller then why not broader. You have to follow few basic guidelines to improve your health level. You are young just 19, has lot of time to build mass. Even the natural hormonal flow is at its best at your age. There is no reason if you follow a good healthier lifestyle of optimum exercise, eating and rest, you may grow taller and bigger too.

    1. Be positive and always get up with a feeling that you are bigger and heavier every day.
    2. Eat very small 6-8 balanced meals in a day. It will be better just cut your present diet to just half for the first 1-2 weeks and then gradually divide that half diet to 6-8 small meals.
    3. You at 55kg needs just 1600-1700 calories a day. This should come out of your total 6-8 meals. Just take it in your mind that just 50gms of rice can gives you 200 calories at one time or a simple 40gms petty or samosa can give you 240 calories. Now you can imagine what should be your meal size. Total 1800 calories divided in to 8 times comes out to the 225 calories at one time. I means to say eat whatever you like but eat very small at one time so that you could digest the small meal better than a bigger 500-600 calories meal.
    4. If you have a habit to going gym regularly then its great. But if you are not going to gym the above mentioned diet/eating habits can help you to put on weight. But going to gym helps you to get stronger, bigger, muscular and energetic.
    5. You should start going gym daily if you have never been to gym earlier. Try to do all machine exercises as a mixed exercise every day with light intensity for the first 2-3 weeks. This will help you to learn the moments and action. After 3-4 weeks increase the intensity(Load) and reduce the number of exercises and avail to 2-3 days rest in a week. Lift heavier to your tolerable capacity and take rest to recover the working muscle. This will help the body to utilize best out of your optimum diet and recover from your optimum training with optimum rest.
    6. Never ever over train your body. Exert your every body part minimum two times a week and maximum 3 times a week.
    7. Try to avoid all other unwanted exertion including your hectic physical day to day activities.
    8. Once you become a regular member to the gym, exert on basic exercises like squat, bench press, barbel rowing, front press, chinups etc.
    9. Once i told you to consume 6-8 meals in a day, you can choose any two meals as liquid supplement meal as a trusted mass maker of moderate protein concentration of 25%-35% and fortified with complex carbs and moderate fats.
    10. You can choose out of the time tested Tara’s Amino mass, Magik mass, Mega triple mass, Bodygrow etc.



    Protein diet helps to gain size in a better way. Get better results, eat mutton, eggs & go for gym regularly.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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