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    After finishing my workout, I take my diet within 20 minutes. But some time I take rest or not be after diet. So kindly suggest me after finishing workout and take diet how much rest required for relax to body. What is the benefit of rest after workout.



    Hi, From your question i could guess you are asking about the period of rest one should take after the workout to take meals or supplements.
    In-fact during our workout the total flow of blood and body hormones are directed to the working muscles, adjoining ligaments and joints.
    The rush of blood into the capillaries leading to muscle pump during the exercise. Almost 75% of the blood rushes to the working muscle leading to lower concentration and pooling in the brain and in the intestine. 
    Now if we eat immediately after exercise the digestion and assimilation of food will be hampered because of the scanty blood flow in the intestine. In order to get the quick digestion immediately after exercise its better to consume simple carbs if you are skinny or simple water if you are fatty. It will be ideal you consume a slightly high protein diet. At least 40 minutes to 1 hour after the exercise.
    Eating immediately after exercise can result into undigested valuable nutrients.



    Yeah rest is compulsory after workout. The best thing is that while exercising rest should be taken after each exercise of more than 5 min. After exercising take 30 min. rest through the whole body can relax. One more thing nutrition diet is os much necessary after exerise because it gives muscle and whole body the real strength.





    Does anyone know of supplements that help muscles heal quicker after a workout? I know ample sleep is crucial.

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