Certified Gym Trainer (CGT)

Duration: 1 week certification course for trained couches and gym owners.

Qualification: Matric and experience in exercise

Description: CGT is a short course offered by Nation School of Bodybuilding, Chennai. The duration of this course is 1 week. Enrolled students are required to stay in the hostel. This course has been specifically designed for gym trainers and gym owners. In this course students are trained to teach and guide exercise enthusiasts in the gyms. Experience in exercise is must. At the end of the course students will be awarded with a certificate of trainer.

Facilities: Hostel stay, food, books and other study material.

Fee structure:

Registration – 2000rs (non-refundable)

Payable at the time of joining – 13000rs

Total – 15000rs

Certified Bodybuilding & Gym Trainer

Registration (Non-Refundable) Rs 2000
Admission Fee Rs 13000
Total Rs 15000