Beginners Workout


Basic Training

* Never train all 7 days a week

* Have at least 2-3 complete rest in a week

* Never perform any exercise  / activities less then 2 times a week

* Never perform any exercise / activities more than 3 times a week

* Stop when you feel pain , tired , breathless or palpitation

* Behave as beginner after a layoff …even if you are  well trained

* Do strength training for permanent weight lose / shape up / lean

* Cardios are good  for burning calories but should be done

Alternate days and after gyming only.

* Please increase the duration, intensity and exertion slowly on cardio exercise like   treadmill, cycling, cross trainer, Rowing etc.

*START with 3 – 5 minuets on all movements alternate days rather than spending 20-30 minutes on treadmill or cycling daily. One can add 1minuet every week or fortnight on every exercise.

* Once you start doing 10 minuets on these cardio gadgets then increase the difficulty of training rather than increase time.

* As you get trained the quantity of exercise decreases but the Quality increase.

* Diabetics  perform  strength  training regularly


Nutrition Rules

* Never skip any meal

* Have at least 5-6 small balanced multiple meals

* Avoid sugar and juices , eat any fruits as whole

* Avoid potatoes / starch / juices / fats

* Chew your food well & take care of teeth

* Eat lot of Salads / fibers and cereals

* Consume some nuts & dry fruits

* Drink lot of water …keep sipping  not just swallowing

* Never stay hungry for long time.

* Diabetics eat small multiple 5-6 meals through out the day

* Take little or no alcohol and no smoking


Fitness & Slimming workouts [Beginners]


First 3 – 5 weeks [Beginners]

Day 1 /3/5

Spot walking 3 mts.

Free Hand P.T. 5 mts.

Tread mill 5 mts [slow]

Cycle 3 mts. [Light]

Elliptical /cross trainer  2 mts.

Sit ups 2 sets x 10reps

Twister 2 sets x50 reps

Day 2 /4/6

Spot walking / steps3 mts.

Free Hand P.T.55 mts.

Circuit training 2 sets of 15 reps light

Leg raises 2sets x 10 reps

Stretching / AEROBICS 5 mts.

Day 7 REST


Next 2-4 months

Day 1/3/6

Spot walking / steps 4 mts.

Free Hand P.T. 5 mts.

Circuit training 2 sets of 15 reps Medium

Leg raises 2sets x 20 reps


Day 2 /5

Spot walking 5 mts.

Free Hand P.T. 5 mts.

Tread mill 7 mts [medium]

Cycle 7 mts. [medium]

Elliptical / cross trainer 5 mts.[medium]

Sit ups 2 sets x 20reps [slow]

Twister 2 sets x50 reps [not jerky]

Day 4 / 7 REST.


Circuit training details

Upper body circuit work out 3 sets x 15 reps

Seated bench press 15 reps

Lats pulley 15 reps

Peck deck fly 15 reps

Front press 15 reps

Dumbbell curls 15 reps

Triceps push down 15 reps

Lower body Circuit training 3 sets of 15 reps

Calf raises 15 reps

Free squats 20 reps

Leg press 15 reps

Leg fly 10 reps

Leg curls 10 reps

Side leg raises 10 reps

Lower back stretches