7 bodybuilding tips for beginners

by | Jan 20, 2016

Bodybuilding is the best way to shape up your body, bust stress and build stamina. By going to the gym, one can have the perfectly toned body. But,it’s not very easy .To have that perfect body, one must follow a proper diet plan, undergo training and most importantly, have a strong willpower.
Here are some important tips.
Choosing a gym
The gym should have a variety of bodybuilding equipments such as those for strength, fitness, cardio, back machines, weights, benches, arm machines, chest and shoulder machines, etc.
A Full body workout
Choose a workout that suits your body type well and try to stick to it for better results. Bodybuilding is not a one-month crash course. A full-body workout includes doing all the major muscle-building, resistance building and toning exercises.These exercises help a lot to the body to get a 360 degrees workout.
Stick to free weights
Even though the modern gyms are full of fancy and shiny machines, they will not help you to build a solid foundation of muscle mass. Dumbbells and barbells are the best when it comes to build muscle and especially for a beginner.
Avoid Overtraining and Take Proper Rest
It is rightly said that “Excess of everything is bad”. Watch out for the symptoms of overtraining such as reduced appetite, having trouble sleeping, fatigue, a dip in concentration level, etc. Appropriate amount of rest is necessary when exercising. Too much of training would have an adverse affect on your life by causing you to go through a lot of stress. Reduce your level of workout and sleep more when you feel that you have been overtraining.
Learn the correct form of each exercise
While you may be tempted to see how much you can lift, you can need to start with lower weights and learn the right form of each exercise.

Avoid Junk Food 

Balanced and nutritious diet is as essential as your workout program. Working out in the gym and eating junk food subsequently won’t help your cause. Stay away from fried foods, sugary foods, alcohol, etc. Ample nutrition will sustain your training and improve the results. Take a help of a dietician to design the perfect diet plan.
Eat a lot of Protein
Protein is essential when it comes to building muscle and can be found in chicken, fish, eggs, milk, dairy products and some nuts and vegetables. Most experts recommend at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight for the best results. If consuming enough protein each day becomes difficult, add a protein shake as well.

It’s really important to have patience, to stick to your workouts and diet and results will definitely show.



  1. Robin

    Great post indeed and all these tips are really useful for any newbie bodybuilder who wants to build muscle. Keep up the good work

  2. SAM Gill

    hey thanks for share informative tips about bodybuilding for begginers.

  3. Parth

    hey very nice post and u mention very effective points


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