6 Healthy Weight Loss Breakfast Recipes

by | Jul 12, 2019

A heavy breakfast keeps you active all day and having a calorie-checked yet filling breakfast can act as a booster for you throughout the day. If you are preparing to follow a diet, start your planning with weight loss breakfast ideas. As they always say, you should have breakfast like a king.

So we thought of bringing to you 6 weight loss breakfast recipes so that you could try these at home and give an awesome kick-start to your weight loss program.

1. Mixed Sprouts Poha for Weight Loss Breakfast

Sprouts are really good for digestion and also for your healthy skin. Also, it plays a vital role in regulating blood sugar levels by increasing the activity of hydrolytic enzymes. Poha or flattened rice is a rich source of Iron and fiber and we all know that fibers act in the absorption of the fat content of the body. Because of these qualities, it qualifies as one of the best weight loss breakfasts for you.

2. Oats Idli for Weight Loss Breakfast

This recipe contains oats and black gram, both of which are highly beneficial in weight loss. Oats are high in dietary fibers and minerals such as Manganese, Thiamin, Magnesium and Phosphorous. It is also very low in saturated fats, sodium and cholesterol. Also, it has very low-calorie count which naturally aids weight loss.

3. Grilled Corn & Capsicum Sandwich Weight Loss Breakfast

This is one another healthy weight loss breakfast you can have. Corn provides the necessary amount of carbohydrates required by the human body. Corn is also a rich source of manganese.

4. Cottage Cheese Parathas for Weight Loss Breakfast

Paneer paratha is an extremely popular North Indian breakfast recipe, which also qualifies as one of the weight loss breakfasts. It is low in sugar and cholesterol and is a rich source of calcium and proteins. Cottage cheese or paneer is actually a fat burning food, which makes this dish a weight loss breakfast.

5 Chana Dal Pancake for Weight Loss Breakfast

Chana Dal pancake is an ideal option for breakfast because of its low glycemic index. You can also add various vegetables to make it more nutritious. Chana Dal has an ability to utilize blood sugar effectively. Chana Dal mixed along with vegetables and curd is extremely beneficial for health.

6 Masala Cheese Toast for Weight Loss Breakfast

With the goodness of whole wheat bread, Masala cheese toast is a perfect Indian breakfast to lose weight. It’s quick, easy and makes you feel full even in a single toast. Apart from the carbs and protein, Masala cheese toast also contains Vitamin A, B3, C, folic acids, calcium, iron, and zinc.

Always keep in mind that following a weight loss diet doesn’t just go with a healthy breakfast. Be sure to fill your diet with nutritious whole foods throughout the day to maintain your health and help lose weight quickly.

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